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Eligible for 30% Federal Tax Credit (Expires 2019)

25-Yr Complete Confidence Warranty (Power, Product, Service)


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No upfront Cost $0 down

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Solar Panels For Your Home Or Commercial Building in Sun City CA

Solar Panels By Firefly Energy

Now is the time to buy solar powered energy. If you are a property owner, there has never been a greater time. You will not only likely be qualified for get the federal investment tax credit (ITC), but solar energy can save you lots of money over the long term [1]. Consequently, the initial cost connected with installing solar power systems is quite a bit reduced which dramatically shortens your return on investment period. Below, we are going to be going over a number of the reasons you have to be opting for solar power panels at the moment.

Reasons To Get A Solar Power System:

1. The Technologies Have Matured

One of the main things which people are concered about if they are investing in new technology like solar power technology is always that it hasn’t been proven. Solar panels have already been searching for quite a while. At this point, there has been various iterations and innovations in the space. Now, there exists a brand-new Maxeon cell technology which permits you to get higher output while taking up less roof space than before. Thus, you might have the capacity to buy a technology that is certainly matured and really reliable.

2. Increase Value Of Your Property

Whether you are looking to put your home out there or perhaps not in the near future, you will benefit from having solar power panels installed. If you are looking to get it on the market soon, you will directly benefit by having a more marketable home. Having solar panel systems in your home instantly will make it far more attractive to prospective home buyers. In fact, it implies they can experience the advantages of having solar powered energy. This is certainly likely why research recently demonstrated that homes with solar energy sell for roughly 4.1 percent over comparable homes without one [2]. In the event you aren’t intending on placing your own home out there anytime soon, you can expect to still benefit eventually. Whenever you do intend on putting your house out there, solar power panels are likely will be commonplace because of the sky-high adoption rate these are currently experiencing. Therefore, without having solar energy panels on the home, you are likely planning to experience a tremendous decrease in value.

Why Choose Firefly Energy?

1. Experience

While you are looking around for a solar installer, you want to make sure that you will be getting the perfect installation. And with this, you need to actually are getting an installer which has been throughout the industry for a long time to ensure they can be knowledgeable of the very best systems in the marketplace. That is exactly what you will get with Firefly because they have over 40 years of combined experience in the solar industry.

2. Better Technology

You desire an installer/dealer that has access to the ideal-in-class solar technology. That is precisely what Firefly has access to. Firefly has partnered with Sunpower which enables them to offer the highest-rated solar power panel system that leverages brand new Maxeon cell technology. Therefore, you are receiving the very best of the ideal when you select to choose Firefly.

Overall, there has never been a better time to invest in solar technology. Like a home owner that is certainly trying to make investments which will be worthwhile in the future, solar is a great bet.

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