Why Choose Firefly Energy

At Firefly we believe in a better way to power our future. Our partnership with Sunpower allows us to offer the Highest rated solar panel system in the industry with record breaking efficiency. What does this mean to you? It means that with our new Maxeon cell technology that we are able to use less roof space and still have higher output than every other competitor in the marketplace! Why pay more for less when you can pay less for more?! Join us by powering today with the technology of tomorrow!

  • Years of Experience: 40 years of combined experience in the solar industry
  • Ownership Information: Owned and operated locally Irvine, CA
  • Licensing Information: All Representatives are licensed with California State licensing board
  • Team Info: Full-time team of 15 local solar installers, all SunPower employees
  • Company Highlights: More than 65% of our customers have been referred by other customers
  • SunPower Dealer Level: SunPower Elite Dealers are the ideal solar partner—equipped with advanced training, products and services, and consistently delivering exceptional customer service. With us, you get the small company feel with BIG company backing!


What our customers are saying

“We are so glad that you helped us choose to go with SunPower! Our bill this last month was only $9 and we are already telling all of our friends!”

Sarita S.,
4.7 kW system installed in 2018

I want you to know how much we are LOVING our solar! We are SO glad we did this, and very happy with the way you handled it all. We would refer you any day!!! (and we have !)


Desiree S.,
13.73 kW system installed in 2018